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Sir Brett-Livingstone Strong

The Official Fine Art Gallery of

Sir Brett-Livingstone Strong is an international artist in a class of his own, capturing the attention of the public for decades with his award-winning creations, groundbreaking partnerships and large-scale monumental projects, architecture and landmark attractions.

All of Sir Brett's limited editions sold out immediately upon release. This new special edition of the most desired works is now finally in production, all meticulously
retouched by the artist, each an original work of art.

Sir Brett has created large scale works for governments, celebrities and top collectors for public display in parks and museums as well as private settings around the world.

Strong's innate creativity doesn't cease with paintings and sculpture - his true visions are those that inspire the masses, define cities and make history.

Email us at or send an inquiry via the contact form.

Thank you very much for your interest.

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